Thomas L. Oxford, GA

The solvent trap works very good, every thing fits nicely together and I recommend these to everyone I know. The communication with SolventTrap.net is excellent. I am proud to support an AMERICAN company. Thank You, Thomas L, U.S. Navy Retired

David D. Walnut Grove, MO

Its so nice to receive a product that has all the parts and fits together as it should. I prefer speaking with a real person that can answer my questions instead of an e-mail that they answer when they get around to it. Chris thanks for helping me with a competitors solvent trap that I bought before I found SolventTrap.net.. I wish I had come across your site first, it would have saved me a lot of grief!

Harold S. Anderson, CA

I don’t leave reviews often but I felt in this case it was the least I could do. The guys at solventtrap.net are amazing, Chris was extremely helpful in answering my questions and his attention to detail was pretty amazing. As our conversation neared a close I was left with the parting words “Not a problem that’s what I am here for call me anytime.” and I believe he actually meant it.

Tim B. Carlin, NV

Just wanted to say thanks to Chris for all the help and information, he really went above and beyond in helping me decide what I needed and providing the NFA trust template, for free, was just icing on the cake, the customer service is excellent and I will recommend you guys to all my buddies.

John A. Quitman, GA

I accidentally ordered the wrong size thread adapter for my kit and didn’t realize it until reviewing my order the next day. They had already shipped my order but when I told them about my issue they shipped out the correct thread adapter the next day free of charge and just asked that I send the incorrect thread adapter back when it arrived. I am extremely pleased with the quality of their kit and the price and I will only order from these guys from now on.

William R. Albany, NH

I received my kit promptly, and it was everything Chris said it would be. However, I did run into a slight problem. One of the spacers was cut at a slight angle, which made it longer inside the tube. Therefore, when I put everything together, it was a tad too long and the threaded end cap was not able to screw all the way in. I called and discussed this with Chris, and he sent me a new kit right away. Can’t beat that service, especially when you get to talk to a higher up. Chris, I wish you all the best, William Robinson. Semper Fi