Solvent Trap Legality

Questions and concerns abound about the legality of ownership and possession of Solvent Traps.  This is our business and our livelihood so we are quite familiar with customers who have incorrect information.

We have stated across our website and will again say it here:

It is 100 percent legal to buy and own a solvent trap to clean a firearm; period.

Anyone who has told you otherwise does not have an understanding of federal law.  The misinformation stems from a Solvent Trap and Solvent Trap Adapter Legality.

A solvent trap is, according to the BATF, a “Firearm Accessory.”  A bullet cannot travel through the solvent trap without modification.  The BATF allows barrel attachments as a cleaning accessory.  This means solvent traps can be bought and sold legally with no BATF involvement.

What Exactly Is A Solvent Trap?

Gun owners understand the importance of cleaning guns after use.  Most people lay newspaper down on the kitchen table to keep the mess at a minimum, but even with paper down, gun cleaning is a messy job.  So messy, some spouses adamantly refuse to allow gun cleaning in the home.  A quick and simple solution is a solvent trap.

A solvent trap is exactly what it says.  Gun owners use certain solvents to clean firearms after shooting.  Solvent traps are made up of three separate parts: a containment tube, threaded adapter and end cap.

One end of the threaded adapter will thread onto the end of the gun barrel, and the other end of the adapter connects to the containment tube.  The containment tube catches cleaning patches, excess solvent and detritus coming from the end of the barrel.  This keeps the mess contained and protects furniture, floors and more from the solvent chemicals.

Why All The Controversy?

The controversy stems from the ease of modification of the solvent trap into a suppressor or silencer.  The controversy keeps people from buying a solvent trap out for fear of violating federal law.

The key term to remember is MODIFICATION.  So long as the solvent trap is used strictly as a solvent trap, you will be in 100 percent legal compliance with the BATF. If you are still unconvinced, here is a letter from an attorney who specializes in NFA Trusts.  Read the letter by clicking HERE

Attaching the adapter to the containment tube AND making modifications so that a bullet can travel through the end cap makes the solvent trap a suppressor.  This is legal only after filing the Form 1 with the BATF and receiving the $200.00 tax stamp.

You must have the tax stamp in hand before making any modifications.  Failure to do so is a violation of Federal Law.  We are not responsible for your actions should you fail to do this and we DO NOT recommend or condone ANY modifications to our products.

So long as your solvent trap continues to be used to catch cleaning fluids and detritus, you are completely legal without concern.

As a solvent trap owner, you are solely responsible for what you do with your solvent trap.  If you do decide to modify the trap for anything but a cleaning aid, it is a strong recommendation you read and follow the BATF regulations on NFA items.